Mohammad Sanad

Mohammad Sanad

„No worries about the future of handball in Egypt!“

26. Januar 2021

Mohammad Sanad is one of the stars of the Egyptian national team. At their home World Cup, Mo and his team made it to the quarter-finals with strong performances. He is going into the match against the favourites Denmark with confidence, dreaming big! He told us this and more in a short interview.

Hi Mo, how are you feeling right know?
To be honest, I feel very good – physically. We played a lot of tough and intense games but we are recovering well after all games and also prepare well for all games. We have a good rotation in the team to keep us all as fresh as possible.

How did you prepare for the event?
Unfortunately, the preparation for the WC wasn’t as planned. We only had 2 games vs. Japan one week before and 2 games against Bahrain a month before the tournament. Normally we had planned around 25 international friendlies before the WC but due to the covid situation it wasn’t possible. However, we made the best out of every training to prepare for the WC.

How do you see your chances at the World Cup?
I think we have good chances. We’re a great team with a great coach so we do have our chances. Only small details make the difference so this is what we need to concentrate on. We will give 100% to reach the maximum we can achieve in this WC – I see our chances great, we prepare for every game the same and we put in 100%.

„It’s time for us to dream big.“

Who do you consider to be the strongest competitors in the quarter-finals?
To be honest, I see all eight teams in quarter-finals are very strong competitors and all of them can fight for the medals.

Are you satisfied with your results so far?
I’m very satisfied with what we showed and with our level of progress that we have made. I’m not worried about the future of handball in Egypt!

What do you think about Denmark, your next opponent in the quarter-finals?
I think Denmark is a strong team with strong players. Yes, we know the odds are in their favor but we will prepare for the game. We have nothing to lose and we will play to win. It’s time for us to dream big.

Good luck, Mo!